Deleting a podcast

Learn how you can delete your podcast.

How should I export my episode?

Learn the recommended settings to export your episode.

Creating multiple podcasts on a single account

On nightcast you can create multiple podcasts with a single account!

Adding a new episode

Adding a new episode to your podcast

Setting up your RSS feed

Learn how you can setup your podcast's RSS feed!

Do you have an annual billing option?

Can I prepay for a whole year in advance?

Is there an audio file size limit?

How big my audio files can be?

Are my audio files getting re-encoded?

Are my audio files getting modified after upload?

Do my episodes get automatically pushed to Apple Podcasts?

...and other directories like Google Podcasts, Spotify...etc?

What browsers do you support?

On what browsers will I be able to use Nightcast on?

How can I change my feed's email address?

Learn how you can change your feed's email address.

Embeddable Player Customization

Can I customize the embeddable player?

What doesn "Explicit content" mean?

What content counts as "explicit"?

Feed Caching

How long do you cache RSS feeds?

Feed Validation

How can I validate my RSS feed?

How do you know which country is a listener from?

Nightcast will list listens by country, but how do we know which country a listener comes from?

Do you use HTTPS?

Does Nightcast support HTTPS?

Is Nightcast reliable?

How does Nightcast handle reliability?

How can I replace an episode?

Learn how you can replace an episode's audio file.

How to share your podcast

How can I share my podcast?

Podcast Website Sitemap

Does my podcast's website have a sitemap?

Podcasting Software Recommendations

What software do I need to record my podcast?

I have a problem, can you help me?

What kind of custommer support Nightcast offers?

Free Theme Music

Where can I find free theme music for my podcast?

Websites Features

What features podcast websites include?

Using the embeddable player to Wordpress

How can I use the embeddable player with wordpress?

Does Nightcast work with all directories?

Will my podcast appear on other directories than Apple Podcasts?

Can I use another embeddable player?

Are there more embeddable player options I can use on my website?

Are you taking backups?

...and how often?

Do I own my content on Nightcast?

Do I still have ownership over my content after uploading it to Nightcast?

A feature is missing! Help!

Nightcast doesn't have a feature I need, what can you do?

Can I upload my podcast directly to Apple Podcasts?

Why do I need Nightcast to get my show to directories?

Are you using soft deletion?

Do you keep information and audio files after deletion?

How many subscribers my show has?

Where can I find my subscribers count?

How can I transfer ownership of a podcast?

...and let someone else manage it?