More than 10 years ago I learned about podcasting. Back then it wasn’t as widespread as it is now. So I didn’t think too much about it. I just found the idea interesting and the content I listened to enjoyable.

Then I completely forgot about it.

A few years ago, as a developer, I wanted to progress in my career. I was constantly reading articles and trying to find interesting people to learn from. I stumbled on many blog posts from people that were masters of their craft and learned much. I learned about companies that were open to sharing their thought process and internal information. That was exciting.

While following them and reading their stuff I noticed that many of them were appearing on podcasts, as interviewees. I started listening to their episodes and understanding how engaging of medium podcasting can be.

Podcasting is much easier to produce than video and easier to consume than written text. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love reading and learning. I think writing is one of the most important skills to have. But not everyone is a writer or has the time to write about their thoughts.

Podcasters were inviting many people working in the software engineering industry, asking them questions, and each one of them presented their unique insights. Suddenly a new world of knowledge appeared before me. There were so many episodes to learn from and so many different people sharing their opinions. And most importantly, I could easily consume them while walking or commuting. Instead of listening to music, I could be learning.

Then I started actively searching for different podcasts about programming, art, coffee making, and more. I found so much useful information and it was completely free!

Fast forward, after having listened to hundreds of episodes and realizing what a great part podcasting has played in my life, I decided that I wanted to give back to the community, one way or the other.

As a programmer, I started imagining how I could build my own podcast hosting platform (having started a website hosting business before) and decided to begin, something that in retrospect has been a great learning opportunity.

I wasn’t too much of a writer so I didn’t focus on writing educational material. Then real life happened and I forgot about Nightcast, having a day job as a developer.

A few months later, I started thinking about writing, and what an important skill it is to have. I started reading some books about writing and started writing about whatever came to mind. I set a goal to be writing every day. And I realized that, while I was not particularly good at it, I enjoyed it and kept achieving my goal every single day.

And then I remembered about the whole podcasting thing, and what a good opportunity it is to share all the knowledge I have accumulated with the podcasters community, and with people that want to start today.

I hope, at least a few people, will read some of my articles, find something valuable, and be inspired to start a podcast. And when that time comes, I will be happy if they choose Nightcast as a partner, and we will be happy to help them through their journey. If not, that’s okay too. They’re free to choose another platform and I don’t mind. Podcasting has been so valuable for me and has helped me achieve many of my goals.

After all, I’d like to see the podcasters community keep growing!

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