How can I share my podcast?

Sharing your podcast on social media is the best way to increase your audience.

Share your podcast website

Every podcast on Nightcast can have its personal website.

You can create your website on the dashboard by editing your podcast and then find its link on the “Podcast Info” section.

You can share this website on your social media so people can find information about your podcast and listen to all available episodes.

The website is also SEO friendly, so people searching on Google can land on it!

Podcast Directories

Nightcast will distribute your podcast on all directories, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast and more.

People can find your podcast on every one of these apps by searching for it.

In addition most apps have a share feature, which you can use to share your episodes on social media.


You can embed your episodes on external websites (you might have a personal website or your guest may want to post them on theirs).

Check this guide on how to do so. (TODO: Add link)

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