Creating multiple podcasts on a single account

Creating multiple podcasts on a single nightcast account is easy. Each podcast has its own rss feed, analytics and configuration.

The steps to create a new podcast are the following:

  • Login to the dashboard
  • Click the "New Podcast" button
  • Enter your new podcast's name
  • Click "Create!"

That's it! Your new podcast is ready and you're redirected to it's admin page.

Click the "Edit Podcast" button to configure your podcast (change settings like Author, Email, Categories, Description, upload the Cover Art) and also add a subdomain to get the a podcast website.

On "Podcast Info" you can find your podcast's feed, the website url, the code to embed the latest episode to your website and information about submitting your podcast to directories.

That's it. You're ready to create and upload your first episode!

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