Podcasting Software Recommendations

Besides a good microphone, to get started you need software to record your podcast with and export the mp3 file that you will upload to Nightcast.

It's not necessary to pay for commercial software like Adobe Audition to get you started.

Audacity is free and it's more than enough!

Its got features like multi-track recording and editing, an equalizer, a compressor and a limiter that are all you need to deliver a high quality mp3 file.

There are many tutorials about recording and editing with Audacity that you can find either searching on Google or Youtube.

Once you finish editing your episode export it with the following settings:

  • Save as type: MP3 file
  • Bit Rate Mode: Constant
  • Quality: 128 kbps
  • Channel Mode: Stereo

Keep in mind that factors for good sound quality are a good microphone, a pop-filter, distance...etc and are far more important than the software you use.

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