How can I move my podcast to a new host?

Nightcast may not be the right host for your podcast, so we made it easy for you if you want to move away.

There are two steps for moving your podcast…

Move your content

Your new host will probably have a podcast import feature.

You can use this feature to import your podcast and its episodes.

After you are sure your episodes exist on the new host you can delete them from Nightcast (do not delete the podcast though).

If you have trouble importing your podcast to another host, you can contact us and we can export all your data for you.

Redirect your feed

The second step is adding a 301 redirect to your podcast’s feed.

Please contact us, sending us your new podcast feed’s link and we will add it for you.

Don’t worry, we will not pressure you to change your mind!

Your feedback on what could be improved on Nightcast would be greatly appreciated though.

You don’t have to keep your subscription with us for the redirect to keep working.

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