Setting up your RSS feed

To submit your podcast to directories like iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify you need to have a valid RSS feed.

Nightcast automatically generates an RSS feed for your podcast with all the information needed so these directories can grab and list your episodes.

To generate a valid feed you have to:

  • Login to the dashboard
  • Click on your podcast
  • Click the "Edit Podcast" button
  • Fill all the fields

Keep in mind that the Cover Image must be square and between 1400x1400px and 3000x3000px. A common reason that iTunes won't accept your podcast is because your Cover Image doesn't match this specification.

You can select up to three categories for your podcast to list under, make sure they describe best your podcast's content. Listing it to the best suited categories will give your podcast more exposure and potential listeners will find it easier.

If a field isn't correct you will get an error message until you correct it.

Once every field is valid your RSS feed is ready.

You can find your feed's url by clicking the "Podcast Info" button.

Click on the Podcast Feed's url to copy your feed to the clipboard.

You can navigate to the url to check that all the information and the episodes are displayed correctly.

Use this url to submit your podcast to directories or give it to friends to directly add your podcast to their favorite application manually.

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