Nightcast, a Libsyn podcast hosting alternative

There are a few podcast hosting options. You may be researching your options for starting a new podcast or looking for an alternative provider to move your existing show. You may already host you show with Libsyn and stumbled upon Nightcast, wondering how they compare. In this article we will look at the features of each host, the similarities and the differences.

Looking for a Libsyn alternative? Nighcast is a modern podcast hosting alternative.

Both Nightcast and Libsyn are podcast hosting companies and may look similar. However there are quite a few differences both in features and pricing. There may not be a “best” option but in this article we will help you make the right decision based on your requirements.

Features comparison between Libsyn and Nightcast

Nightcast may be a better alternative for podcast hosting based on your needs. We offer simpler pricing plans, more storage capacity and additional features to help you grow your podcast as far as you imagine.

Monthly Storage

Libsyn has very limited storage options and limits on the file sizes, requiring you to pay more if your episodes are long in length, require high-quality audio or you produce many episodes a month. This can significantly limit your creativity and the growth of your podcast.

On the other hand, Nightcast doesn’t have a monthly storage limit and you can upload as many high quality episodes a month as you’d like. There’s no need to be paying attention on the length of episodes like interviews, and can go as long as you’d like.

Pricing Predictability

With Libsyn you’re not sure what your show will end up costing over month. You may start on the small plan and end up realizing that it is not enough and you may need start upgrading again and again as your show grows.

Nightcast has simple and predictable pricing. It doesn’t matter how much your show grows over time, you won’t need to upgrade or start cutting corners. The cost you’ll be paying when you start will be the same in a year from now!

Multiple Podcasts, One Account

With Libsyn you need to buy a separate plan with each show. If you have more than one podcast idea the price will go up. Also you won’t be able to start experimenting and slowly build your next show, as you will be paying more until it gets going.

Nightcast allows you to host multiple shows on a single account, at a fixed price per month. Want to start experimenting with something? Just create a show and delete it later. Want to slowly build a new show? Add a new one on the dashboard and you won’t be charged.

Advanced Analytics

If you’re just starting a show and you are on the smallest plan of Libsyn, you won’t have access to advanced analytic features, you’ll even pay an extra monthly fee to have basic statistics. That means that you won’t exactly know all your show’s audience information and statistics.

Nightcast offers advanced analytics by default, so you can see every statistic that you need, for the whole podcast, as well as for each episode individually.

Podcast Websites & Embed Player

Nightcast podcasts’ websites and embedded player are built with modern technologies and design.

You can easily build your podcast’s website on the dashboard and customize it to your podcast’s branding.

If you already have a website and you want to embed your podcast’s episodes, Nightcast’s embed player will fit right in.

Libsyn is an older hosting provider and its embed player looks old and outdated.

Custom Domain Names

You may want to use your custom domain or subdomain for your podcast to keep your brand name cohesive.

With Libsyn you will be charged an extra monthly cost to use your custom domain name on your podcast.

Nightcast will point your custom domain name to your podcast’s website for free so the address can look like “” instead of “”.

Similarities between Nightcast and Libsyn

Although there’s many differences between the two providers, Nightcast and Libsyn have a few similarities too.

Customizable Podcast Website

Both providers allow you to build a custom website for your podcast and feature all your episodes.

The websites are customizable and can contain information about your podcast.

Using this feature it’s no longer necessary paying a third party to build you a website to feature your podcast’s content.

If however you want more control and a more customized solution, you can build a custom website and embed your episodes right in for your audience to listen to.

Episodes Distribution

Both Nightcast and Libsyn host your podcast’s RSS feed.

You can submit your podcast’s RSS feed to all directories so they can grab and list your episodes, for your audience to listen to, on each directory’s website or mobile app.

SEO Optimized Websites

Even though up until recently listeners were searching for podcasts on iTunes and other directories this is changing.

Google announced that they are showing podcasts in search results, so it is nescessary that your podcast gets discovered by search engines and is shown on the first results page.

This means that your podcast website must be SEO optimized.

We automatically generate html SEO meta tags and a sitemap.xml file for your podcast’s website, so search engines can index it and automatically fetch the correct nescessary information.

On top of that, when a listeners shares an episode on Twitter, our custom embed player will show up so people can start listening to your episode without navigating to another website.

One-Click Podcast Import

Through both providers you can import your existing show.

The process is easy and both providers have an easy, one-click import tool.

Nightcast will display the importing process to you and after a few minutes will notify you when it’s done.

Technical Support

Nightcast has a small support team that is ready to assist you with any question or problem you face.

If you’re confused about microphone choices, editing software, how to export your show, or questions like how to set-up your website, we’re here to help.

We’re not a faceless, big company and our customers satisfaction is one of the things that are on the top of our priorities.


Selecting a podcast provider may not be easy and you may be confused about the options available, but honestly, the most important thing is to make a choice, record your first episode and upload it for people to hear.

Both Nightcast and Libsyn can help you with that so we hope we made the choice a little bit less confusing.

If you have any questions or need help starting your show feel free to contact us and we will help you launch your show as soon as possible!

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