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How to find my podcast’s link on popular apps? (8 directories)

You have started your podcast, uploaded a few episodes, and then you are supposed to use an RSS link to submit it to apps (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more). Then these apps will have different links for your podcasts. Then your podcast will have a website link.

Arghhh, what are all these links? It’s normal for you to be confused! A podcast won’t have a single link like a website or Facebook group.

Don’t worry though. In this article, we will see what are podcast links and how to find your podcast’s link for popular listening apps.

What is a podcast link?

A link (or hyperlink) is an address (represented in text) that points to a digital asset, usually a website.

A link can point to a company’s home page, a blog post, a podcast page, an RSS feed, and more.

Some examples of links are:

Your podcast can have many different links…

An RSS feed link will point to a computer-readable representation of your podcast’s content.

This is absolutely mandatory for podcasting, as it is an agreed-upon, standard format that all podcast hosting services and apps use.

The page that this link points to contains information like your podcast’s title, the author, the titles of the episodes, links to the audio files of your episodes, and more.

You will usually find this link on your podcast host’s dashboard and you will use it for submitting your podcast to popular apps, like Spotify or Google Podcasts.

You generally will not share this link with anyone else, like your audience. This link is supposed to be read by computers, in order to transfer data in a way everybody understands.

You don’t need to understand more about what this link contains, you just want to know that it exists and its address.

If you are interested in seeing what this link contains check “What is a podcast RSS feed?”.

Example RSS podcast link: https://feed.nightcast.net/1

A podcast website will be a site dedicated to your podcast. It can be a dedicated one or an area (a single page, or multiple) on your business and personal website.

Such a website will contain some of the following:

  • Title of your podcast
  • About page
  • Episodes
    • Title
    • Description
    • Embed
  • Hosts
  • Social media links
  • Custom pages
  • …and more

A podcast website can be custom-made or managed by your podcast host. A custom-made website can be very expensive to build, as developers’ time cost much. A podcast website managed by your podcast host can be free and included in the monthly subscription you will already be paying. The latter one can be all that you need!

Example Podcast Website link: https://anthem.nightcast.net

Most apps that have your podcast, like Spotify or Google Podcasts, can have a dedicated link for it that points to your podcast inside that app.

That means that if the app is a web app, that link will point to your podcast’s website on that app so that people can see information about it and about your episodes. If it’s a mobile app, and you click the link on your phone, the app will open to your podcast’s page.

In some cases, like Spotify, the app works both on the web and on mobile. In that case, when you click on a link on your computer, if you have the Spotify app, it will open to your podcast’s page. If you do not, it will open the web version of Spotify to it. If you click the link on your mobile phone something similar will happen. If you have the app installed, it will open to your podcast’s page, otherwise, it will prompt you to install the app.

Your podcast can have multiple such links, one for each app that it exists.

Some examples (for the same podcast) are:

These are different links, pointing to the same podcast on different apps.

Social Media Pages

These are the links that are pointing to your podcast’s social media accounts. You may have created such accounts dedicated to your podcast or you may use your personal ones.

Some platforms where people are usually creating accounts dedicated to their podcasts are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For “The Happiness Lab” podcast, these links are:

You can list these links on your podcast’s website so people can find them easily, and follow you there to get information about your podcast and new episodes.

An active social media presence is a good way to engage your audience and keep them listening to your podcast!

How will a podcast app list my podcast so I can find the link?

In some cases, on specific apps, you will need to manually submit your podcast, and it will go through a manual approval process until it gets listed.

Don’t worry though, it is much simpler than it sounds. Just be sure that you have filled in all the necessary information before submitting it!

Then, you can quickly submit your podcast on Apple Podcasts or follow the Spotify process and it will, in a matter of hours or a few days max, be available!

Fortunately, some, smaller, apps will automatically find your podcast and list it. How they will find it? They will fetch it from Apple Podcasts! So submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts is something you must necessarily do.

In the case of Spotify though, it will not automatically fetch your podcast from anywhere. You have to manually submit it through their Spotify for Podcasters platform. I have written an entire article on this called “How to create a podcast on Spotify?”.

Once you follow this process for popular apps, you’re basically done! You don’t have to do this ever again. They will automatically find your new episodes and list them!

How to use podcast app links?

There are many ways to use the links that podcast-listening apps will give you.

Add them to your host’s directory page

Your podcast hosting provider, under your podcast’s page, will have a page to add the links provided to you by apps.

Mainly, you should add them for two reasons:

  • So that they will be displayed on your podcast’s website that you created through your host.
  • As a “checklist” that you have successfully submitted and found your podcast to these directories

Adding them is easy. We will see where to find those links in the following sections, and it’s a matter of copying and pasting them.

Add them to your podcast’s website

If you have created your podcast’s website through your host, they will automatically add these links to the website, as we discussed above.

But if a developer, or you, have created an external, separate, website, you can add these links there so people that are visiting it can find your podcast easier.

Not everybody listens to podcasts using the same app. For example, I’m using Pocket Casts. I would like to see a “Listen on Pocket Casts” button on a podcast’s website that I stumbled upon while Googling!

Just be sure to add the most popular apps on the top, because that’s what most people will have installed on their phones. Spotify is a common app that people are using for listening to music and they can use it to listen to podcasts too!

Add them to your personal website

If you have a personal website, in addition to a podcast website, you can add these links there too.

People may have not stumbled upon your podcast’s website, but they may have found yours while Googling.

Also, if you have a business, it’s a good idea to add the podcast app links on a page with information about it.

Add them to your social media

You can add these podcast links on your social media pages, so people that are using them can find it easily.

Sometimes, I know that a public figure started a podcast, but I can’t find it through their social media!

Some social media platforms won’t allow you to add multiple links to your profile, Instagram for example. In such cases, a thing called a Linktree comes in handy. Through a service like this, you can create a single page that contains all the links to your podcast.

Of course, another option is to just add your podcast’s website link to social media, so people can easily see more information about it. That website will contain podcast app links anyways!

Share them with friends

Sometimes you know that a particular friend uses Spotify on their phone. Great! You can send them your podcast’s Spotify link, directly through messaging or email so, when they click it, they land exactly on your podcast’s page.

Be sure to remind them to subscribe, so they get a notification when you release new episodes!

Alright, so far we discussed what a podcast link actually is and where these links can be useful.

What’s left to learn is where to find your podcast’s link on popular podcast apps.

So, without further ado, let’s find out!

1. Apple Podcasts

Log in to Apple Podcasts Connect, click on your podcast, and scroll to the “Apple Podcasts URL” section towards the bottom.

There’s a “Copy” button next to the link so you can easily copy and paste it to your podcast host’s dashboard.

The link will look something like this: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-daily/id1200361736

2. Google Podcasts

Navigate to Google Podcasts’ web app, on your computer, search for your podcast on the search bar at the top, click on it, and then copy the address of that page from the address bar on top.

The link will look something like this: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkcy5zaW1wbGVjYXN0LmNvbS81NG5BR2NJbA

3. Spotify

Navigate to Spotify’s search page, enter your podcast’s title, click on it, press the three horizontal docs next to the “Follow” button, and choose Share → Copy Show Link.

The link will look something like this: https://open.spotify.com/show/3IM0lmZxpFAY7CwMuv9H4g

4. Listen Notes

Navigate to Listen Notes, use the search bar on top to enter your podcast’s title, click on it, click the “SHARE” button, and press “Copy” next to the link on the "URL for this podcast” section.

It will look something like this: https://lnns.co/PJvHrpcL7GO

5. Pocket Casts

Open the Pocket Casts app on your phone (available on iPhone and Android), go to the “Discover” tab, search for your podcast on the bar up top, click on it, and press the sharing icon on the top right.

The link will be close to this: https://pca.st/podcast/4eb5b260-c933-0134-10da-25324e2a541d

6. Radio Public

Navigate to Radio Public, search for your podcast on the top middle search bar, click on it, press the “Share” button and click on “Copy link” on the modal that appears.

It will look something like: https://radiopublic.com/TheDaily:dHJlbmRpbmctaW4tc2VhcmNo

7. Tunein

Go to Tunein’s search page, search for your podcast, click on it, press the “Share” button and click on “Copy URL”.

Example: http://tun.in/piiYU

Be sure NOT to copy the code that starts with <iframe, as this is not a link!

8. Player.fm

Navigate to Player.fm’s search page, search for your podcast’s title, click on it, and copy the link from your browser’s address bar.

Example: https://player.fm/series/series-2502803

In conclusion

That’s it. You learned everything about podcast links!

Searching for your podcast on these popular apps will be a good test to see how easily discoverable it is when someone is searching for it.

Don’t forget to use these links, as we talked about in the “How to use podcast app links” section so that everyone can find your podcast easily.

Until the next one, go make some awesome content!

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